Actual liner notes from "Greetings From Paris on the Kuskokwim"

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Greetings from Paris on the Kuskokwim

Produced by Michael Faubion
Recorded March - September, 1996, in My Room, Bethel, Alaska, unless otherwise noted.
Cover art, insert design, etc. by Michael Faubion.
"Welcome to Bethel" photo and art by Clifford Hunt.
Mastered by Jim Hornaday, Dream Catcher Recording, Mesa, Arizona.
Duplicated at Olde West Audio Duplication, San Francisco, California.

All songs by Michael Faubion, ©1996 Far Beyond Publishing, ASCAP, except Iíve Been
Everywhere in Alaska and Bethel Cab Driver.

Michael Faubion sings, plays acoustic or electric rhythm guitar, bass and whatever
passes for percussion on all songs. Also: keyboard and electric lead guitar on Bethel
Cab Driver and Brown Slough Boogie.

Paris on the Kuskokwim (4:06)
Martha Scott, harmony vocals and mandolin.

Bethel Cab Driver
by C. Carson Parks, © Greenwood Music, BMI.
Bethel lyrics by Michael Faubion

Ice Road
Martha Scott, harmony vocals and mandolin; Archie Barnes, piano.

Water Day
Archie Barnes, piano; The Tundra Sisters, back-up vocals (Cathy Dale, Cyndee
Simpson-Sugar, Suzi Israelsson, Maryanne Dickey, Jan Vanasse,Jane Conard)

Badass Rig
Brian Sanders, acoustic lead guitar; Robert Gregory, electric lead guitar.

I've Been Everywhere in Alaska (5:37)
by Geoff Mack and Michael Faubion, ©1996, Rightsong, Inc., BMI.
Recorded January 13, 1996 by Pat DeSmet, DeSmet Sound, at the
Kuskokwim 300 Benefit Concert.

Beating Around the Bush (ARCS Midday Alaska Theme Song) (1:08)
Tod Nedrow, electric lead guitar, keyboards.

Alphabet Soup

Brown Slough Boogie (11:05)
Brian Sanders, acoustic lead guitar; Robert Gregory, electric lead guitar;
Mark Jenkins, harmonica.

The Last Place on Earth

Matthew Faubion, age 1. Assistant Engineer

Special Thanks to Rhonda for love, support, and encouragement; and for
helping me make these songs the best they can be.
Many thanks also to Clifford Hunt for artwork, legwork, ideas,
baby-sitting, technological expertise, and, most of all, your friendship.
Thank you to Mike Lane for inspiring the concept;
to Daniel Picazo and Knute Tonga for the tracks, time and talent;
to Pat DeSmet for the DAT dubs;
to Pete Twitchell for bringing Bobby Gregory over;
to Michael Gage for the motorcycle ride;
to Ernie Petito at Warner/Chappel for making I Been Everywhere in Alaska possible;
to C. Carson Parks for allowing me to Bethelize his song;
and to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation for after-hours use of computers.

I cannot say how much I appreciate the musicians who contributed their talents to
this project. To them is due all credit for the surprising range of flavors in these
recordings. I hope you guys had fun. You are true pros!

Starting the Kuskokwim 300.

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