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Michael Faubion. Guitar and vocals

Michael started messing around with his dad’s guitar when he was about 14. If he’d just knuckled down and taken lessons he might have gotten a lot better at it a lot sooner. But, no, he had to do it his way, arriving at a mixed-up style of honkytonk rock country folk and blues that somehow manages to define Detour as more than just another trip down memory lane.

He also writes Detour's original songs.

Tom Torvie. Bass and vocals

Tom Torvie was raised in the Badlands of North Dakota, but still became a country/rock/blues bass player. Tom’s bass playing is not just low notes, it’s the foundation of the Detour sound. Without it, everything else would just fall over.

His first full-time gig was with a yodeler who had a repertoire of about 5,000 songs. He would start a song and, if in a kind mood, would tell Tom the key. Thus Tom learned early how to find keys with his ears.

Howard Okland. Drums & Percussion

Howard has degrees in Physics and Geology, teaches math and communicates on the ham radio. All in addition to being a fine musician who "gains a substantial quantity of pleasure creating delta functions in synchronicity with various sonic wave forms created by vibrating linear masses and columns of the atmospheric gases.”

Which is to say he digs laying down the Detour groove.

Bob Horwitz, Sax & Clarinet

Bob is the mighty sax player of Anchorage. You've seen him at jam sessions all over town, tastefully setting just the right mood whether it's blues or bluegrass. Makes you wanna go "oh yeah."

Bob's sax sound takes Detour up to a whole new level. And it feels real good.