Frequently Asked Questions..

What does "60/40" mean, exactly. And which one is which?

Michael's well past 40 and Henery's almost 60 (ha ha). We also do songs from the 40s and the 60s, as well as songs from the 30s, 50s, and every other decade except maybe the 80s. It also refers to our eyesight, apparently. We also divide up the various tasks evenly: 60/40. Henery sings about 60 percent of the songs. I do about 60 percent of the equipment hauling. Seems fair. It is not some kinky sexual position.

What kind of music do you play?

The kind we like best. Turns out other people like it too.

Why don't you do any Beatles songs?

Because they're too hard to sing and the chords are too weird. But since we were asked this question so often, we finally learned Yesterday.

Why don't you do any Herman's Hermit's songs?

aw, c'mon!

Why does Henery do more than 60 percent of the yodeling?

Henery was born with a yodel in his voice. Michael wasn't. Michael's inborn talents are less auditory. Actually, he does have some inborn auditory talents, but he would quickly get thrown off the stage and out of the venue if he let them loose.

What are your favorite beverages?

Whatever you're buying. Seriously though-- Henery likes stout beers. Michael likes pale ales.

Now that your CD is finally out, how can I get one?

CDs are always available at the gig, so come hear us sometime. If you just can't make it (because you're in Belgium or Texas) send $15 to Uncle Mike's Music Works, P.O. Box 200453, Anchorage, Alaska 99520 or go to and order one.

If you're so damn good, why aren't you rich and famous?

We ask ourselves that everytime we play "Ghost Riders."

Who was your greatest inspiration?

Henery--Jimmie Rodgers. Michael-- Herman's Hermits.

Why does Henery spell his name with an extra e?

If it bothers you, just call him "Hank."