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About the music

Talk about easy listening! 60/40 makes music that's easy on my ears . . . on my mind . . . in my heart . . . to my soul . . . and, sometimes, even on my funny bone. Friday evening at the Sleeping Lady -- with Hank, Mike, and Elisa . . . easiest way to relax and enjoy.
-- Karen L. Lew, Eagle River

If I ever do make it up to the Anchorage area I would love to attend a 60/40 gig. Back in 1954 when I was a sophomore in high school in Corpus Christi, Texas, I saw Henery Roesing sing in a talent show. I guess he was 17 or 18 and he sang a Webb Pierce song. I think it was either "Slowly" or "There Stands The Glass". I remember how impressed I was with Hank that day. All the kids were talking about how good he was. Even my English teacher, Mrs Miller, who hated country music, said she thought he was better than Burl Ives. Myself, I thought he was as good as Webb. It would be worth the trip just to see old Hank sing.

-- Harold Holcomb, Fort Worth, Texas

"60/40 is a musical delight for young & old. It's a cornicopia of down-home entertainment, with a plethora of songs from all decades that will set your toe-a-tapping, your head-a-bobbing, your funny bone-a-jiggling, your pelvis-a-jiving, and your....oh, wait, it is a FAMILY act. It's songs you can sing along to--maybe even better than the performers! The original verses by Mike and Henery will have you laughing even in places where they didn't intend the songs to be funny. And, hey, these guys are recovering Bethelites--you get the same kind of amusement watching them as you do watching animals in a zoo. Just remember to fill the 'tip' jar, and they'll remain relatively harmless."

Faithful fan, and fellow recovering Bethelite, Jennifer DuFord
Okay, Mike, if there's anything here you want to use, go ahead. If you wanted something else, write it yourself & attach Bob's name!

Boy those two dudes have 'tude. They make my hormones rage.

-- Anonomous

I caught your folk festival spot and you guys sounded wonderful! Your harmonies were beautiful and your stage presense was great...the crowd loved you. Great job! See ya.

Kathy (MAK mando)

About the Website

The only thing wrong with your web site is that there are no testimonials! The link doesn't go anywhere. What's the matter, can't you guys get any favorable testimonials???

-- Marie

ed. note: Here you go, Marie. btw. where's your testimonial?

Good looking website, Mike! I liked the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Road song.

-- Jay

Thanks for the word on your website. It looks GREAT!

-- d

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