Bob Fairchild introduces "Travelin" - A new CD by Michael Faubion

I became a Michael Faubion fan the first time I saw him on stage in the mid 90s. Ten years later, as I was walking off the same stage, Michael approached me and said, "If you ever need a guitar player, give me a call." I become an even bigger fan each time I perform with him.

His new CD, "Travelin'" is pure Michael Faubion. No, really. It's LITERALLY "pure" Michael Faubion. Every word—every note—was written, sung and played by Michael himself! But, it's not the "band" that makes this CD what it is. It's the Faubion turn of phrase that we've all come to enjoy.

Michael takes us on the road with him with songs like Travelin' and Get Down the Road. He gives us a view of his life before Alaska with Oregon Border, Pocatello Belle and Son of the West. Then, there's philosophy of sorts with Dead Man's Shoes. And, is there anyone who's heard Three Dollar Guitar who doesn't wonder if it's not biographical? Mixed in with the country and Tex-Mex sound, he even gives us a couple rock and roll tunes with Sharlet and That Boogie Thing. (Okay... it's what people OUR age grew up with as "rock and roll.")

The songs were all written, and most of them recorded, before I even met Michael. All I can say is, it's about time this project got done so the rest of us could enjoy it. And the pictures in the jacket?! There are even a couple of a dark haired guy who looks vaguely familiar...

--Bob Fairchild, Sourdough Biscuits

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Travelin' is available at CDBaby, starting January 10, 2011